Bonjour my beautiful friends! My name is Tracy LePage and I am the owner, designer, and creator of Avec Style Home, the leading Home Design and Style blog publication on the internet! The purpose of my blog is to share tips, advice, and innovative ideas on Home Design. I have a deep passion for this subject and I would love to share this passion with all my readers!

A little bit about myself, I am originally from Montpellier, France where I earned a degree in Interior Design from the International School of Home Design in Bordeaux, France. Not long after I graduated, I took a trip to Montreal, Quebec, Canada, and it was here where I fell in love with the culture, beautiful scenery, and architecture. I was so in love with the city that I decided to live here permanently. Over the years, I built a career around home design. I love my job so much that I decided to create a blog about it! That is how Avec Style Home was created! If you like any of the articles on my blog, I encourage you to like, share, and comment on them.